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- ...Antitrust (the film, of course) is ever so slightly hilarious in that it was supposed to be against Microsoft's monopoly and general misdeeds in creating said monopoly and yet, the hero does all of his hacking on a Mac. Pot, meet kettle. Although, that being said, the ending sequence is awesome.

- Trying to do a marathon of Bones is hard. From what I can remember of last night, there was a university worse than mine about...six episodes ago (my university, despite having a Chancellor who could clearly beat pretty much everyone else's in a guitar battle, was so bad that we ranked lower than Manchester Met. Just saying), Sweets experimented on Booth and Brennan to prove that he's as messed up and in need of colleagues as the rest of them (or he experimented on them because he's secretly Gormogan and his cheerful and overly friendly mask accidentally slipped, showing the amoral sadist underneath. [/conspiracy theory]) and Susie Costello randomly showed up and insisted that she had a very active sex life and was a member of Scotland Yard.

- My voluntary job is going well. The work placement (which I was supposed to start on the third) got delayed by a few weeks, though.



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