...Graham Norton/Keanu Reeves. I can honestly say that I've never considered that pairing before and I'm really not sure if I want.
- 'Yours aye' is the best valediction ever.
- I...why did they have to make Rory an unperson? This makes me sad -particularly as I was squeeing about the fact that there was an actual honest-to-god couple in the TARDIS again- and for once, I'm hoping for a reset. ;_;
- For those people that don't know, I've been distracted by a pair of politics communities, one of which is an anonymous kink meme. I'm sorry. I just...have nothing else to do anymore.
- I still don't like George Osborne. He seems like a twat. These feelings have nothing to do with the fact that his constituency is just south of where I live. Not at all.
- Don't like either of the Milibands either. Quite like Andy Burnham, although every picture of him that I've found makes him look like he's about to burst into tears. Including the ones where he's smiling.
- Finished Dragon Age. Those ballistae come in handy. Don't know if the DLC are worth it though. Are they?
...Guys, is it wrong that whilst doing my Stalin Terror homework, all I can think about is how kinky Beria/Yezhov sex would be? (And how much Russia would cry afterwards [/Hetalia reference])

Okay, I'll get back to the coursework now.
So...guess who intends to be up all night watching the election?

And guess who has a 9am class on the other side of Liverpool City Centre from Lime Street Station?

Yeah. As if Career Planning didn't make me go to sleep normally. *shot*

Also? McCain/Lieberman. I wish I didn't ship it. *hangs head*



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