Finished ME3.

- Ashley is much, much nicer about her disbelief than Kaidan. She only implies that she thinks that you're a husk.
- Samantha! ♥ If I had any imported playthroughs where I hadn't already romanced either Kaidan or Garrus, I would romance her like a shot. *nods*
- [spoiler] was the worst part of the game. Fuck the endings. I can take a fucking biotic ninja and his gorram [spoiler] support. After all, I did it in 2 as part of Archangel's recruitment mission. And then again in...I can't actually remember if it was Samara's recruitment mission or Miranda's loyalty mission, but it was on Illium.
- Banshees are easier than Praetorians. Yes, they are.
- Insanity in ME3 is easier than ME2. Slightly.
- Biotic explosions are amazing.

...I am still working on the fics. ;___;
- Please stop me from doing the Strictly/Doctor Who crossover I've got in my head? As much as the Valeyard and Erin would do an amazing Argentine Tango, I think the mental images will kill me.

- Doing an Insanity runthrough of Mass Effect II. I'm stuck at the Collector ship, though. (Also, when they say 'Insanity', they mean it. I must have died about 100 times during this playthrough already.)

- My work placement finished. Hurrah. Now I can do my Christmas shopping, finish my two UK-bound Christmas cards and work on 12dayschristmas. ([ profile] ghost2, I have already sent your card. You should get it before Christmas, providing the mail holds up).

- Two missing episodes of Doctor Who have been found. *excited*



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