I have a degree. I'm still not sure how, but...I do. It's a 2:2, which wasn't what I was hoping for, but...it still means that I've passed everything. And that I'll be able to have pretty letters after my name.

Just thought that I should let you guys know, since you've all been so kind to me over the last three years, even when I haven't deserved it (which is often, as I've been a bitch to most of you at least once).

Thank you.
I got my results today.

I know, I totally wasn't expecting them either, but they were apparently online. My friend phoned up and told me about an hour ago (well, okay, when I said told, he asked me what my results were and I told him that I had no idea as Liverpool - Warrington!post < Liverpool - Newcastle!post despite the fact that Warrington's about 150 miles closer and then he told me that they were online) so I went and had a look.

Here we go again with the lj-cut of doom! )
It snowed.

It fucking snowed. In Liverpool. And it was beautiful and awesome and I know I'm only saying this because my train wasn't delayed and I'll probably feel differently tomorrow, but yeah. *is amazed*

Also? My hands are still slightly numb, I'm still coughing like a bitch and I have a Torchwood fic to write (which is planned to be about ten chapters and canon pairings, knowing me it's going to end up at thirty chapters, still unfinished and with the main pairing being Owen/Rhys because none of my planning ever works).

Do not forgive my US Politics & Foreign Policy lecturer. Being a hard marker for first years is okay, because it doesn't contribute to the final grade. Doing it to second years that haven't had any work back yet...I don't feel that's entirely fair (and before anyone asks, it wasn't just me. Everyone got low marks).

Turning 20 this month. Less than three weeks to go. Not sure what I'm doing.

...Also? There's a really annoying guy in our class. His voice just grates and he always thinks that he knows everything and about fifteen people in the class (including me and that I know of) would just like to tie him up, and cut his voice box out. Without anaesthetic.

Rob, if we send him to you, can you Keizou him and then fill out the paper work?
Well...um, you know that I was waiting for my results for my first year at university (which is our version of college for any Americans on my list that didn't know that already)? And...you know that I've spent the last year bitching about everything from "Why can't the Religious Right make more sense so that my project can be more balanced?" to "Shit, I'm going to have to finish my essay on the morning of the final deadline again!"

I got my results this morning.

The results of my procrastination are under this cut... )



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