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Birthdate:Feb 22
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hi, this is Lucy. Currently 24, looking for a job (with limited amounts of success).

I'm English (as you may have guessed from my mention of Liverpool), but this does not mean that I drink tea, eat crumpets or speak like an upper class twit. As a matter of fact, I do none of these things (although I do spell things with an 's' or an extra 'u', watch Doctor Who and believe that the only real football is the one that you kick around whilst getting paid ridiculous amounts of money). Sorry to disappoint you all there. :D

I'm a bit sarcastic and quite lazy. And I hate time limits.

I write a lot of fanfiction (most of which isn't very good) in a lot of fandoms and for a lot of different relationships. In fact, it's probably easier for me to list the pairings/threesomes (and up) that I don't ship. Maybe I'll do that at some point. If I can be bothered.

Roleplay Record.

Yoshitoki Kuninobu (br_roleplay, V6 Canon) - 12th place. Journal orphanage_kid_7.
Etsuko Minamoto (br_roleplay_2, V6 OC) - 16th place. Journal etsuko_minamoto.
Hirono Shimizu (br_roleplay, V7 Canon) - 4th place. Journal canonicalinsane.
Ryuji Miyosaka (br_roleplay_2, V7 OC) - =16th place. Journal acacia_meridian.
Yutaka Seto (br_roleplay, V8) - 18th place. Journal yutaka_blue.

Fanfiction Challenges.

battle_writing - Finished. :D
40fandoms ('07) - Finished. XD
12_stories (Dark set) - Finished.

I am Hirono, according to the battle_rating people.

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Hikasa/Hosaka is crack pairing love...

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