I don't think I want to be a teacher anymore.

I know, I don't talk about it much, but after finishing my degree I was going to go for a PGCE (Post-grad certificate of Education for those people that don't know) and teach Politics or History to college kids.

And now...actually, I'm not entirely sure what Brown's last ditch attempt at screwing over the education system will do for that. I don't like my chances, and I really don't want to be teaching high school chavs (offence meant to any and all past, present and future high school chavs that are reading this by the way, particularly the ones that went to my high school).

Yeah, I'm well aware that college kids are only a little older and more mature and some of them are straight out of high school, but...they chose to go and be taught. It isn't the same as the government going 'Hey, you have to come into school every damn day that we feel like, learn crap that you won't remember -and half of it won't be useful, by the way- get made fun of if you actually have a personality and if you don't attend? We'll send dudes to stalk you until you do.'

...Sometimes I have no idea why I'm doing this.
Fucking hell.

RTD, I want that last hour of my life back please. D:

There are words -big words, between a lot of swearing- to describe what I feel about that episode. I just don't think that anyone'll want to hear them.

Fuck, Last of the Time Lords wasn't as even as bad as that.
...You know, I don't think even Kuze tried to claim after he was banned. That's just some serious asshattery right there. D:
*is at uni*

Regarding last night's events, there will be a full update later tonight when I'm back on my own laptop, including chatlogs. So people that missed it can facepalm with the rest of us. I would just like to point out that Ryuji is not dead. Unless someone's initiated another vote that I haven't noticed.

Ian, I need to find you. Will you be online tonight?

I would also like to say...look, a bear! *flees*



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