- Thank you for the coupon, [livejournal.com profile] sashwizzled, but...um, I don't have a card that allows me to buy things online. Sorry. I appreciate the offer, though.

- Still got coursework. Have been distracted by the shiny that is the Persona 4 kink meme, but am slowly getting through it (the coursework, not the meme).

- Bought Earthshock and Mark of the Rani last week. Have yet to watch either of them, but...you know, Fifth Doctor and Six/Peri = my kind of Doctor Who DVD's, yeah? (Besides, Earthshock was £4 and Mark of the Rani was £9, I couldn't resist). Oh, and apparently Ringpullworld (the Turlough Companion Chronicle) is out now. I did not know this.

- Still kind of sucks in Warrington. One of my best RL friends came over from America this week, but...it's been kind of hostile between us. Not sure why.
...I do not want to get the train to uni on Monday. Fucking Northern Rail/East Midlands Rail/First Transpennine Express

...I have coursework. Lots of coursework. This means that I will be busy for a while. If you see me on MSN/AIM, please talk to me (if you want to, that is) because I'll be grateful for the distraction from the coursework. Even if it's to tell me that I shouldn't be on AIM/MSN because I have coursework, it'll still be doing me a favour.

Paid my library fine off (finally *looks sheepish*). I tend to have huge library fines (I think the largest one I had was about £75, but that was a couple of years ago). This one wasn't quite as huge (it was £60, but the guy at the desk was willing to halve it for me because I was a student and looked desperate). To be fair, I've never lost a book in my life. I just...don't like returning them.
I got my results today.

I know, I totally wasn't expecting them either, but they were apparently online. My friend phoned up and told me about an hour ago (well, okay, when I said told, he asked me what my results were and I told him that I had no idea as Liverpool - Warrington!post < Liverpool - Newcastle!post despite the fact that Warrington's about 150 miles closer and then he told me that they were online) so I went and had a look.

Here we go again with the lj-cut of doom! )
Guys, I want an icon with Stalin's face and the caption 'Just as Planned'. D:



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