I have a copy of Jet Set Radio Future. Am currently trying to get the early Graffiti Souls. And, even after finishing Portal 2, the very name of the Skyscraper District still fills me with terror. I died more times there than in probably any game. Ever.

I will finish [livejournal.com profile] 12dayschristmas. Even if I miss the deadline and have to post the other days here. *determined*

I finished Portal 2. ...No spoilers, but...I *spoiler removed* the *spoiler removed*. The fucking *spoiler removed*! What. 0_0
- Good news everyone! [/Futurama] For one afternoon a week, I will be working at a charity shop about half a mile from my house. Look, I know, it isn't a proper job, but it's a reference to replace the...um...terrible one that I've been suspecting that my last employers have been giving anyone whom asks. And it's experience. And I should still be able to get Jobseekers, since it's four hours a week.

- This is going to be hilarious (and possibly mean that there's more Darling/Brown fic on the lolitics meme, which cannot be a bad thing). Icon related, clearly (I need to find Headcases again on youtube).

- Didn't like Let's Kill Hitler. It was disappointing. There were good bits (like flashback!Amy realising that Rory actually genuinely fancies her, Rory punching out various people...okay, just Rory in general, then), but it feels like they're undoing all of the good work from last series in making me actually like River.

- I'm playing Mass Effect 2 again. Recruited Morinth for the first time. I need to get back into practice by the time 3 comes out. Unfortunately, this is a Normal difficulty playthrough, and I've only ever played it through on Casual before (yes, I died to the Praetorian on Horizon. Multiple fucking times).
- 'Yours aye' is the best valediction ever.
- I...why did they have to make Rory an unperson? This makes me sad -particularly as I was squeeing about the fact that there was an actual honest-to-god couple in the TARDIS again- and for once, I'm hoping for a reset. ;_;
- For those people that don't know, I've been distracted by a pair of politics communities, one of which is an anonymous kink meme. I'm sorry. I just...have nothing else to do anymore.
- I still don't like George Osborne. He seems like a twat. These feelings have nothing to do with the fact that his constituency is just south of where I live. Not at all.
- Don't like either of the Milibands either. Quite like Andy Burnham, although every picture of him that I've found makes him look like he's about to burst into tears. Including the ones where he's smiling.
- Finished Dragon Age. Those ballistae come in handy. Don't know if the DLC are worth it though. Are they?
- Feeling better, yay.
- Finished my coursework until December. *waves flag*
- Played Borderlands with Brian. Scorpio + healing + explosive sniping assault rifle = happy!Lucy.
- Started Persona 4. It is awesome for these reasons.

1. Chie fucking Satonaka. She's so fucking awesome it hurts.
2. Yay, the Reaper isn't chasing me around! *cheers*
3. Yosuke's way more cool than Junpei. Even if I cringe at the thought of him on a motorbike.
4. Shadow people. I wish it was in 3. Although, knowing 3, you'd probably get stuck fighting Shadow Akihiko with Aigis and Yukari or something. And he'd be eight levels higher than the entire goddamn party.
5. Nanako! Yay! She's somehow more popular with your friends than you are. And it's hilarious. She also runs the house, despite the fact that she's like...eight.
6. I think of Death Note whenever I play this game. Nanako's Sayu, Dojima's Soichiro, Adachi's Matsuda (although, I've got a bad feeling about him...I don't know), and the main character's a pre-Kira Raito who actually likes his female friends.
7. Yukiko's kind of awesome too. And she heals, which is good because Chie can't and I'd rather have as many people as possible who can heal.
8. You can have a Social Link with a fox. I'm not fucking kidding. It's hilarious.
9. The girl from the Sun social link is adorable, although, not as much as Chihiro from 3. She's also tiny.
10. My fusion fucked up and I ended up with a Persona 3 levels higher than the one I was trying to get. It was kind of awesome. :D
11. The basketcaseball player for the Strength social link is kind of sweet. And I kind of ship him with the football guy (same link, they're pretty much inseparable).
...I swear, next time I get into a fight with that backstabbing, skater-punk wannabe, psychopathic idiot, I'm actually going to try and end him (as opposed to running away because I've been in more than enough games in which killing former friends is not helpful for the storyline).


Also, Sho Minamimoto and Teru Mikami should have a face off. Reaper versus Kira, maths versus law. Although...the Reaper's Game is one of the few places where 'delete' would be a more accurate description of what is actually going on.

(45/78, 33 to go)
...I can't tell if The World Ends With You is awesome or the worst game I've ever played. I can't control the girl on the top screen without switching my stylus to my right hand -which is a bad idea, as I can't use it with my right- and I'm one of those people who think that time limits on levels are a bad thing.

That said, the characters are epic, the music is awesome, and the storyline is decent...hmm...

Edit: Please tell me that I'm not the only person that can see OC characters playing the Reaper's Game? If we have some V6OC guys as the Reapers (or V5OC, actually) and have a few V7OC people for Players...although this may well end up with some really awkward teams before long.

And I've now had the most awesome idea of Keizou as a Conductor and need to stop there before I imagine what his game would be like...too late.



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