- Please stop me from doing the Strictly/Doctor Who crossover I've got in my head? As much as the Valeyard and Erin would do an amazing Argentine Tango, I think the mental images will kill me.

- Doing an Insanity runthrough of Mass Effect II. I'm stuck at the Collector ship, though. (Also, when they say 'Insanity', they mean it. I must have died about 100 times during this playthrough already.)

- My work placement finished. Hurrah. Now I can do my Christmas shopping, finish my two UK-bound Christmas cards and work on 12dayschristmas. ([livejournal.com profile] ghost2, I have already sent your card. You should get it before Christmas, providing the mail holds up).

- Two missing episodes of Doctor Who have been found. *excited*
...I hold to the fact that my imaginary Strictly 2011 is still better than the actual one. Despite the fact that it involves Gordon Brown dancing (also? Theresa May > Edwina Currie. I hate the fact that I've had to say that Theresa May is better than two three* other hardline female Tories, because I think she's annoying, but I'm going to have to keep saying it, I guess).

Although, if Rory Bremner does his Tony Blair/Michael Howard/David Blunkett impression even once, I will probably be happy enough to vote for him to win. *shrugs*

* Three because...well, Christine Hamilton.
- I have Strictly Live Tour tickets. This makes me happy. I wish I hadn't misread the date, so I could avoid Ann Widdicombe entirely, but...eh, toilet break.

- Work is tiring. I don't know what's wrong with me -this isn't even a full time job, being 28 hours a week- but I'm tired most of the time now. Just need to get used to early mornings again, I guess.
- So, word is on the internets that Charles Kennedy and Menzies Campbell have both specifically said that they're voting against the tuition fees increase. I don't know how reliable this news is, but if it's true, this makes me happy to be a Lib Dem for the first time since May.

- Ann Widdicombe has been voted off Strictly. As people who talked to me on Sunday already know, I am delighted by this news. [/understatement] I also still think that Kara was, as usual, undermarked, and that next year, Artem and Brendan should form an alliance against Len. Crazy lifts, awesome hats, and both of them topless should clearly be defining features.

- As of Monday, [livejournal.com profile] likeatruck's card is on its way. According to Royal Mail, this means that it should be there in time for Christmas. I do not trust Royal Mail, as everyone well knows.

- I will not be able to do all 78 fics for 12dayschristmas this year. I will, however, make the effort to do at least one fic for each day. And one full day of Hirono/Shinji (because I promised that I would).

ETA: Been re-reading my Ryuji posts. They were terrible (my paragraphing was shocking, the sidestory took up far too much of the storyline, and you can really tell that I wrote them at ridiculously late times at night between first year coursework essays), and yet...I can still remember how happy I was when I wrote them.

...Still think that V7 canon was better though. *coughs*
- Am really getting into Strictly again. I have a bit of a routine, where I miss the first couple of weeks and then catch one episode and subsequently love it. This happens every year, guys. D:

- Really tired.

- Had an interview Thursday. Think it went okay. Should be hearing back in the next 7-10 days. Wish me luck.

- Changed my journal style. I like this one better. :D

- People that want Christmas/Seasonal cards, should go here. Even if you're new to my journal (In which case, welcome. Please enjoy your stay), if you're on my f-list, I'm still happy to give you a card.



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