- Good news everyone! [/Futurama] For one afternoon a week, I will be working at a charity shop about half a mile from my house. Look, I know, it isn't a proper job, but it's a reference to replace the...um...terrible one that I've been suspecting that my last employers have been giving anyone whom asks. And it's experience. And I should still be able to get Jobseekers, since it's four hours a week.

- This is going to be hilarious (and possibly mean that there's more Darling/Brown fic on the lolitics meme, which cannot be a bad thing). Icon related, clearly (I need to find Headcases again on youtube).

- Didn't like Let's Kill Hitler. It was disappointing. There were good bits (like flashback!Amy realising that Rory actually genuinely fancies her, Rory punching out various people...okay, just Rory in general, then), but it feels like they're undoing all of the good work from last series in making me actually like River.

- I'm playing Mass Effect 2 again. Recruited Morinth for the first time. I need to get back into practice by the time 3 comes out. Unfortunately, this is a Normal difficulty playthrough, and I've only ever played it through on Casual before (yes, I died to the Praetorian on Horizon. Multiple fucking times).
I still get this warm feeling when I wake up to find that someone's commented on a fic that I posted the night before. Particularly if it's a fic that I've not updated in a while.

Also? I should not be this proud of having two fics on the lolitics 'WIP's you really wish the author would update' list. It was only three months late! ...Which would be a better excuse if the fandom hadn't been there for about five months. *shot*

In other news (but kind of related, since depending on interest, I may do lolitics fics this year) Christmas cards post will be up within the next fortnight. I'm doing it early this year because I did it late last year and only barely got them out on time.
I'm doing okay, I guess.

Still looking for a job, still distracted by the pretty lolitics kink meme.

My parents are redecorating my room, so I've spent the last week with almost all of my belongings packed up in boxes (with the exceptions of my bed, headphones, laptop and mobile), with the wallpaper stripped off (my room is now a hideous combination of lime green, dark grey and lilac).

On the bright side, it's now much easier to keep tidy.



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