I have a degree. I'm still not sure how, but...I do. It's a 2:2, which wasn't what I was hoping for, but...it still means that I've passed everything. And that I'll be able to have pretty letters after my name.

Just thought that I should let you guys know, since you've all been so kind to me over the last three years, even when I haven't deserved it (which is often, as I've been a bitch to most of you at least once).

Thank you.
- Thank you for the coupon, [livejournal.com profile] sashwizzled, but...um, I don't have a card that allows me to buy things online. Sorry. I appreciate the offer, though.

- Still got coursework. Have been distracted by the shiny that is the Persona 4 kink meme, but am slowly getting through it (the coursework, not the meme).

- Bought Earthshock and Mark of the Rani last week. Have yet to watch either of them, but...you know, Fifth Doctor and Six/Peri = my kind of Doctor Who DVD's, yeah? (Besides, Earthshock was £4 and Mark of the Rani was £9, I couldn't resist). Oh, and apparently Ringpullworld (the Turlough Companion Chronicle) is out now. I did not know this.

- Still kind of sucks in Warrington. One of my best RL friends came over from America this week, but...it's been kind of hostile between us. Not sure why.
...I do not want to get the train to uni on Monday. Fucking Northern Rail/East Midlands Rail/First Transpennine Express

...I have coursework. Lots of coursework. This means that I will be busy for a while. If you see me on MSN/AIM, please talk to me (if you want to, that is) because I'll be grateful for the distraction from the coursework. Even if it's to tell me that I shouldn't be on AIM/MSN because I have coursework, it'll still be doing me a favour.

Paid my library fine off (finally *looks sheepish*). I tend to have huge library fines (I think the largest one I had was about £75, but that was a couple of years ago). This one wasn't quite as huge (it was £60, but the guy at the desk was willing to halve it for me because I was a student and looked desperate). To be fair, I've never lost a book in my life. I just...don't like returning them.
...Finished my coursework.

You ever have those feelings where you thought it was okay and then it turned out that everyone was wearing eyepatches *shot* actually hated you? I have those feelings. Usually during OC rounds.

Didn't like The Waters of Mars (for those people that didn't know that already). Had a bit of a rough couple of months. Do not want to talk about it (but then, do I ever?).

...Lectures are okay.

Description of my lectures goes here *warns for swearing* )

...I didn't get the chance to ask the guy I fancied out. I was going to, but then I found out that he was dating someone else. He'd probably have said no anyway.
I got my results today.

I know, I totally wasn't expecting them either, but they were apparently online. My friend phoned up and told me about an hour ago (well, okay, when I said told, he asked me what my results were and I told him that I had no idea as Liverpool - Warrington!post < Liverpool - Newcastle!post despite the fact that Warrington's about 150 miles closer and then he told me that they were online) so I went and had a look.

Here we go again with the lj-cut of doom! )
I had an exam today.

At 9:30 in the morning.

At Aintree (the reject university, for some reason -even though my campus is right in the middle of the city centre- do most of their exams at Aintree. This means that I have to get to Lime Street, walk down the road to Central and then take another train. And the trains to Aintree break down ridiculously frequently).

This meant that I had to get up at five in order to get out (because I gave myself extra time in case the train went from Moorfields (which I have absolutely no idea where in Liverpool that is) because I'd heard that the track between Central and Moorfields was being repaired (turns out it was only the Wirral Line, thank god).

But...I went for lunch with one of my friends afterwards, and then after returning to Warrington, I got to see Bekki again (she's been in America for the last two years and she came back for two weeks) and there was hugging and much rejoicing.

The exam itself...I thought it went quite well. Everyone else was complaining about the questions, but I revised different topics to them and I thought that my questions were easy-ish. *shrugs* We'll see.
Guys, I want an icon with Stalin's face and the caption 'Just as Planned'. D:
So, my courses next year are:

Comparative Politics (24 credits, core module for all joint honours History/Politics students)
Democracy and the UK state (24 credits)
Human Rights (12 credits, semester 1 only)
Entertainment, Sentiment and Conflict: Popular Culture c1832-1914 (24 credits)
Nazi Germany: Aspects of the Third Reich (24 credits)
British Newspaper History 1855-1986 (12 credits, semester 2 only)

(Also, the history department are repeating the Stalin Terror module that I studied this year for third year students. Several of my friends are considering taking it and stealing notes off me. I found it hilarious.)

Okay! If I do the RSJ (Reflective Study Journal) report for Political Ideologies tomorrow and some of Saturday, the fieldwork report for Research Methods on the rest of Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the proposal for Research Methods on Tuesday (it's only 1000 words, that should be fine) and the Stalin Terror essay on Wednesday, Thursday and the bit of Friday before I hand everything in, I should be okay. :D

After that, I've got three weeks to do two essays, two exams and then that's year 2 over and done with. :D
...Guys, is it wrong that whilst doing my Stalin Terror homework, all I can think about is how kinky Beria/Yezhov sex would be? (And how much Russia would cry afterwards [/Hetalia reference])

Okay, I'll get back to the coursework now.
I had a panic attack on Wednesday night.

It isn't the first time I've had them, but this one was really bad. Even worse because it was...like, 2 AM and no-one else in my family was awake.

No more Career Planning though. *reassures self* And I handed in my Historians and Language essay (correction, one of my Historians and Language essays -although this essay was less about Historians and Language and more about Politics and Education, but never mind) today before the deadline. Got a Stalin Terror source essay to do for Monday, but I need to take the night off. And it's only 1000 words, so I think I can do that.

Then I have the job study to do for next Friday and then I'm clear for the rest of March.

I need sleep. Desperately.
- I hate Bit Torrent. I've been downloading this thing since Friday and it's still not done yet (Lust In Space: Is Doctor Who Sexist? if you must know).

- Reading week. Yay.

- Less than a week until I'm 20. Yay.

- Coursework on the 27th. Boo. Worse due to the fact that I have absolutely no clue what that lecture's even about (I go in, but I spend most of it asleep due to it being at 9am on a Friday morning).

- I...sort of have an interest in someone (I'm not calling it a crush, because fuck, I'm almost twenty and it makes me sound like I'm twelve) but...we'll see how it goes.

*calms down* Uh, I handed in three pieces of coursework today and mastered Harvard referencing.

Time for a night off before starting my final piece of coursework for the semester. :D

And I still need Laura II's address. *goes off to acquire*

(18/78, 60 to go)



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