- I sent [livejournal.com profile] lycoris' parcel out today. Should be there by the time you come back from your holiday. Hope you enjoy it and find Goldilocks as fucking creepy as I did. *shivers*

- Been playing FFXIII. It's not as bad as I thought it was, althought I may be enjoying it mainly due to the fact Snow is basically Seifer Almasy's child (possibly with Fujin, I always shipped it), who, through a strange chain of coincidences, was brought up by Akihiko Sanada and Chie Satonaka. And it's glorious.
- Feeling better. Still don't want to talk about what happened. Safe to say, I no longer have a job.

- ...Having watched HIGNFY, I would like to mention that Bob Ainsworth is surprisingly (and somewhat amusingly) bitchy. This is probably why he was rarely on television when he was in the Cabinet.

- ...Dragon Age II isn't compatible canonically with the end of Awakening. No, really. My version of Awakening clearly states that Anders only pissed off for a couple of months (because the Circle, being idiots, asked him to lecture about the Architect and he panicked and ran off). He didn't stay for ten years. This is aside from (*spoilers*), which was cruel and somehow, I can see it as totally necessary.

Also, Orsino isn't a proper (*spoiler*). I fought the actual fucking (*spoiler*). I have the achievement for beating it on Hard (no, I haven't beaten it on Nightmare. I'm not good enough). ...I did still totally freak out at the beginning of that fight, though.

...And Nathaniel took off with Bethany. I ship it (although, I still ship f!Cousland/Nathaniel more, since the hatesex would be so crazily awesome).
- Still finding it hard to be enthused about politics at the moment. Which...says bad things about those fanfic WIP's I've still got sat on my computer. Although the AU with Blairite!Cameron, Leader of the Opposition!Burnham and slightly more evil!Tories is coming along slowly, if only because I don't have to write Osborne as anything more than a smug face from across the benches.

Going to vote for AV anyway. It isn't PR, but it's better than FPTP.

And as for the people that are voting no just to kick Nick Clegg in the face...really? I hate Nick Clegg as much as any other disgruntled person who voted Lib Dem at the last election and regrets it, but still. Priorities, people.

If you vote for AV, then you can metaphorically kick David Cameron in the face instead. Or George Osborne. Or Nick Griffin (yeah, despite all of the arguments that AV lets in extremists and that the BNP will take over Britain, what the no campaign hasn't been mentioning is that the BNP support FPTP. Yes, really).

Also? AV makes Charles Kennedy and Caroline Lucas come together to make Captain Planet for events. How is that not a good thing?

...Yeah. Lucy + political!apathy = still about 20% more political than most of the electorate. *bricked*

- ...Merrill tried to kill me. Bloody Torchwood.

- Work's going okay. I'm getting the hang of it now, which is good. XD
...So, Eve Myles voicing a party member (and potential love interest) in Dragon Age II? I guess I know what I'm doing in my first playthrough, then. Getting all of her dialogue and seeing if she makes any Torchwood jokes. *bricked*

I've been okay, by the way. Work is still tiring, but I'm managing it better. Will be on MSN sometime this weekend. XD
So, I finally bought my own Xbox 360.

I only have Bayonetta (don't judge me, it came free with the console) to play on it at the moment though. Going to get Mass Effect (1 and 2, probably), Dragon Age and Infinite Undiscovery next week.

Anyway, if I mysteriously vanish for another six months, you know what I'm doing. XD
You know, out of all of the things that I learned from university, I wasn't expecting the ability to get to Aintree at 9am without falling asleep or getting lost to be one of the few to actually prove useful afterwards. Huh.

...And on a related note, I don't care what LINks from the Future seem to think. Warrington is not in Merseyside. Yes, we are on a side of the Mersey. That does not count, since the side of the Mersey that we're on happens to be in the county of Cheshire (and used to be in Lancashire, but this is not 1974).
...I don't know about any of you, but I'd be moderately concerned if Michael Portillo came up to me in the street and asked if I knew about the legend of Dracula.

Since he is a little sinister looking (although, not as sinister as he looked in 1997 because he looked like Mitsuru Numai's political doppleganger in 1997) and I have a hard time believing that Tory politicians (even former ones) aren't members of the undead anyway...which may say a lot more about me than I want it to.
- I have Strictly Live Tour tickets. This makes me happy. I wish I hadn't misread the date, so I could avoid Ann Widdicombe entirely, but...eh, toilet break.

- Work is tiring. I don't know what's wrong with me -this isn't even a full time job, being 28 hours a week- but I'm tired most of the time now. Just need to get used to early mornings again, I guess.
...Graham Norton/Keanu Reeves. I can honestly say that I've never considered that pairing before and I'm really not sure if I want.
...Merry Christmas/Happy Yule.

I hope you've enjoyed today more than I have.
Oh God, it's that version of Cinderella with Paul Merton as one of the evil stepsisters. Personally, I think he should do an entire series of HIGNFY in a bright pink dressing gown and acid green dress, purely to confuse Ian. And shock Clarkson. And possibly mildly arouse Charles (but he couldn't possibly comment).
So, I have a job.

I start on Monday. Yay.
- So, word is on the internets that Charles Kennedy and Menzies Campbell have both specifically said that they're voting against the tuition fees increase. I don't know how reliable this news is, but if it's true, this makes me happy to be a Lib Dem for the first time since May.

- Ann Widdicombe has been voted off Strictly. As people who talked to me on Sunday already know, I am delighted by this news. [/understatement] I also still think that Kara was, as usual, undermarked, and that next year, Artem and Brendan should form an alliance against Len. Crazy lifts, awesome hats, and both of them topless should clearly be defining features.

- As of Monday, [livejournal.com profile] likeatruck's card is on its way. According to Royal Mail, this means that it should be there in time for Christmas. I do not trust Royal Mail, as everyone well knows.

- I will not be able to do all 78 fics for 12dayschristmas this year. I will, however, make the effort to do at least one fic for each day. And one full day of Hirono/Shinji (because I promised that I would).

ETA: Been re-reading my Ryuji posts. They were terrible (my paragraphing was shocking, the sidestory took up far too much of the storyline, and you can really tell that I wrote them at ridiculously late times at night between first year coursework essays), and yet...I can still remember how happy I was when I wrote them.

...Still think that V7 canon was better though. *coughs*
- Am freezing.

- This is the last (i.e. FINAL) call for Christmas cards from me. Anyone that would like a Christmas card and has not already informed me (MSN counts as informed, although, if Rob doesn't give me a prompt, I may just have to write BR zombie apocalypse fic and hope he likes it) please go here and drop me a message.

- Did I mention that I'm cold? I may have mentioned that I'm cold.



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